Update the First, or, Baby Steps.

Well here we go!(?) Let me explain the situation.

I’ve been reading webcomics for the last 8 years or so and earlier this year I decided to try my hand at making them too. Humbly, I began trying to teach myself to draw at the tender age of 23. I’d always known I enjoyed drawing – in primary(elementary) school, the only work I could really get excited about was that which required artistry of some sort. However, I never practised at it enough in those early years so my confidence in my own artistic ability waned and when highschool started, I gravitated towards science and computers instead.

But that’s in the past and now, I’m sitting on a buffer of 37 strips. I made this many as a  first step to see if I could come up with enough ideas on a regular basis to justify starting a comic, while also improving my art and working towards finding my own style. If you, dear reader, decide to stick with me, the artists that influence me will no doubt be obvious (KC Green and Anthony Clark being the biggest), but hopefully it won’t take me too long to find my own way.

I’ll be updating on a Mon/Wed/Fri Schedule and I fully expect to burn through this buffer I have, but that’s fine because we can reassess things when we get to that stage if we have to.

Honestly, it’ll be okay. I officially welcome you, and thank you for reading.


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