The Pain Train knows no boundaries as it doesn’t run on tracks – this makes it the first inoperable train to have a website dedicated to it.

I am your conductor, Mark Pain, and I want to show you the caboose.

As you can see, it’s full of all these digital comic strips. You can look at them all you want, if you’re into that sort of thing. They appear to be ‘gag-a-day’ in nature (if not quite in frequency) and many are kind, honest comics with only good intentions. I propose we look at each one in turn on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and see how we go from there. If you have the stomach for this content, there will be more.

I live near Melbourne, Australia and can be reached by email (I’ve abandoned my old email account as it became overrun with spam! My new address is mark pain at pain train comic dot com. Alternatively, you can always send me a message on facebook or @ me on twitter



Freelance/Commission Work:

I am currently available to take on freelance work – be it cartooning, writing, illustration, or design!

All projects take precedence over my own comics.

Please contact me by social media and we can discuss the particulars at your leisure.



Ways to stay updated:

A Facebook page to share with your pals and help alert you to new updates! Find it here!

Tumbl-time tumblr! For you! Right here and also in your heart!

In addition to my own opinions and general jokes, I now post each new comic to my twitter account!

You can subscribe to the Pain Train broadcast channel and get new comic notifications sent to you by email or even your PHONE!