Does the Pope give out advice? Oh shoot, I meant to ask you before writing, sketching, inking, colouring, shading and texturing. Probably not huh, but its too late and I’m all out of cares.

Anyway, 50 images with words! wow, right? Nothin’ compared to real webcomikers right? Who do you think you are?  Never say that to me again.

Thank you for reading this far, I appreciate it. If you think this comic is worthy of helping, and you’ve seen a strip you think someone might like, click that little ‘share’ link that’s under each comic and you can ‘share’ it with people in pretty much any e-way you can think of! Technology!


Fun fact: The suggested dictionary spelling for ‘webcomikers’ is ‘mineworkers’

Okay you prepare for your return on Monday, I’ll be down here in the pixel mine, as usual.

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