In America, there is/was(?) a TV show called ‘A Current Affair.’ Here in Australia, we have our own version of that show, which we call ‘A Current Affair.’ one wasn’t enough though, so we also have ‘Today Tonight‘ and both shows, in order to boost ratings, like to take a common food item associated with the “true blue, Aussie lifestyle,” such as Meat Pies or barbecued sausage(snags) and try to scare everyone with their fat content or what animal parts are involved in their production.

They spread out these exposés across the year, each year, and they are not afraid to redo old investigations.

  1. Take lowest common denominator product
  2. Imply product has scary death-secret
  3. Advertise promise of scary death-secret’s reveal
  4. Get ratings


It’s a disgusting, manipulative practice, and that’s why I did a comic about pies. Thank you for reading.

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