Hmm what can I say to you today?

Oh! Saturday the 22nd will be the 1 year anniversary of Pain Train’s existence! It’s webcomic birthday, if you will. Can you believe this has been going on 3 days a week EVERY SINGLE week for a whole YEAR? Of all the jokes I make for you, that may be the greatest of all.

I might give myself next week off from comics, I dunno. Would that be okay? A little Christmas break? Maybe I’ll post some little Christmas themed doodles instead, that could be fun.

Also, I’ve been thinking of a little game we could play over on the facebook page, where I put YOU, the readers, in the comics! I’d still write them like a normal strip, but instead of making my own little characters to deliver the jokes, I’d draw your likenesses!

The way I imagine it working is this: If people were up for it, they would ‘like’ a particular post and I would go through those likes and pick the most interesting faces out of those likes! So if your mug has character, it could end up in a strip drawn by yours truly, and I’d mention your name in the blog for that post and stuff so you’d know if it was you. Is that a good idea?? Let me know on the fan page if so!

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