JUSTIN BOYD of sister site Invisible Bread and I agreed to both do a comic around the concept of pen licensing, just to see how they’d turn out! Isn’t that fun?! We did not know anything about each others’ versions prior to the moment they both went live. I am excited to see what JUSTIN BOYD has made!!

You can see JUSTIN BOYD’S take on it right here!!!

p.s. If your school didn’t have pen licences, they’re a way for teachers to get their students to practice their penmanship- those who do are awarded a ‘pen licence’ and allowed to do their work in pen instead of pencil.

p.p.s. I went with the UK spelling rules for licence/license. To do otherwise would have landed me in jail.


Edit: Interesting! We both went with kids rebelling against the pen licensing system! I wonder, are we all pen-rebels at heart??

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