It’s this guuuuy again!

In other news, KC Green‘s comic Gunshow ended today. If you read these posts, you’ll know his work has influenced me more than any other. It’s kind of a weird feeling to see someone end a series when most other webcomic’ers tend to instead let them slow down until you just forget about them, never really saying ‘it’s over’. It reminds me how personal webcomics can be, not just for the artist but the readers too. We all maintain different expectations for our favourite bodies of work and how they end just isn’t something we usually think about.

Every ending is a new beginning though, so don’t be sad! KC is living proof of this and is already churning out work on other projects right now anyhow. So if you haven’t read Gunshow yet, go do that because you’re in for a treat and keep following KC because who knows what cool new stuff he’ll give us in 2015, and have a happy new year while you’re at it! Thanks for reading!

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